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Don’t believe some of the things you might have heard about root canals. At Crestview Dental Care, we use state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to help make your root canal experience quick, easy, and efficient.

What is a root canal?

A root canal is a treatment used to clean out the inside of a tooth that has become infected by bacteria, or if the nerve has been damaged. This part of the tooth is referred to as the pulp or dental pulp and contains the nerve and the tooth root. An infection of the dental pulp can be quite painful. It also can be dangerous, as the infection potentially can spread past the tooth root, filtering into your bloodstream and then throughout your body. Dental infections have been reported to spread to the brain, causing death.

The root canal procedure

First, one of our dentists in Maryville will apply a local anesthetic, making sure that you are numb and do not feel any discomfort at any point during the procedure. From there, the dentist will access the tooth and remove any decay or infection from inside the tooth.

At Crestview Dental Care, we employ sophisticated monitoring to locate the precise area of the tooth that has become infected by bacteria, which eliminates the need for X-rays during your procedure. Also, rather than use a traditional drill, our root canal procedure involves an ultrasonic tool that gently removes the infected tooth material, removing only the necessary amount and leaving the healthy structure of the tooth intact. Following the removal of the infected material, the interior of the tooth is cleaned thoroughly, and a permanent filling material is used to fill the canals of the tooth. A root canal procedure typically is completed by replacing the exterior of the tooth with a crown.

Know the signs that you might need a root canal

If you have a tooth with an infection bad enough to require a root canal, it’s important to act fast. The best thing you can do is to make yourself aware of the common symptoms that could be signs of a root canal. 

  • Sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, as well as sweets
  • Consistent dental pain, which may be throbbing or even debilitating enough to impede your ability to function on a daily basis
  • Swelling in your face
  • Pain when you bite down or exert any pressure on your teeth
  • A consistent bad taste in your mouth
  • A tooth changing gray in color, even if it is not causing you pain

Your best defense is to maintain a regular schedule of dental check-ups at Crestview Dental Care. At each of these appointments, one of our dentists will conduct a thorough examination of your teeth and mouth. Keeping up with your routine dental visits also makes it easier for your dentist to identify any significant changes in your oral condition, that could be signs of a problem such as an infected tooth that may require a root canal.

Root Canals in Maryville

If you need a root canal, or you are experiencing any combination of the symptoms listed above, contact Crestview Dental Care today at (865) 982-1700 to schedule a consultation. We welcome patients of Knoxville and Maryville, Tennessee.