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Don’t believe some of the things you might have heard about root canals. At Crestview Dental Care, we use state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to help make your root canal experience quick, easy, and efficient.

What is a root canal?

A root canal is a treatment used to clean out the inside of a tooth that has become infected by bacteria. The dentist must remove the bacteria and any infected nerve from the canals of the tooth’s roots by using specialized instruments that guarantee total removal of infected tissue.

The root canal procedure

A root canal procedure is essentially like a filling. We begin by getting you numb, and then the dentist will access the tooth and remove any decay or infection from inside the tooth.

At Crestview Dental Care, we employ sophisticated monitoring to locate the precise area of the tooth that has become infected by bacteria, which eliminates the need for X-rays during your procedure. Also, rather than use a traditional drill, our root canal procedure involves an ultrasonic tool that gently removes the infected tooth material, removing only the necessary amount and leaving the healthy structure of the tooth intact.

Once the inside of the tooth is clean, a permanent filling material is placed, which fills the canals of the tooth. Following the root canal procedure, the tooth is typically brittle and requires a dental crown for added strength.

If you need a root canal or think you might and want to learn more about the procedure, contact Crestview Dental Care today at (865) 982-1700 to schedule a consultation. We welcome patients of Knoxville and Maryville, Tennessee.