Tooth Colored Dental Fillings

Knoxville and Maryville TN

Natural Dental Fillings

Do you have a cavity that needs a dental filling? Dental advancements are continually evolving and modern dentistry provides tooth colored and natural restorative options to patients. We no longer resort to amalgam (silver/mercury) fillings to repair cavities. That dated procedure is still available in some dental offices, but you will not find that options at Crestview Dental Care. Instead, Dr. Tommy Spears and Dr. Jake Goza offer a composite (tooth colored) material that is safer, more durable, and longer lasting.

What are Composite Fillings?

The composite material is a mixture of glass and plastic, referred to as a resin. It is both safe and durable when used to repair cavities. The composite material expands and contracts along with your teeth when exposed to temperatures changes. This dynamic helps prevent your teeth from cracking and breaking. Composite is tooth-colored so that it blends in nicely with your other teeth. No shiny silver fillings when you smile and laugh!

Is Amalgam Safe (silver/mercury)?

Amalgam consists of various metal components, including mercury, which can be highly toxic in large doses. While these metal fillings are in your teeth, they emit mercury vapors that are absorbed into your bloodstream. Mercury can have adverse heath effects on your body including cognitive issues and neurological disorders.

Should I have my Amalgam Fillings Removed?

Having your amalgam fillings removed depends on several factors:

  • Leaking around the edges
  • Broken
  • Unresolved medical concerns
  • Loosen or weakened
  • Rusting in the mouth
  • Aesthetic concerns of their smile (showing grey at in your smile line)
  • Level of prevention you desire for yourself and your family

If you have an old amalgam filling that are causing any of the above issues and needs to be replaced, a composite filling is a better alternative to repairing your tooth back to its natural state.

Some patients are simply concerned with the aesthetics of their smile and wish to have their old silver fillings removed and replaced with a composite material. If cosmetics is a concern for you, composite fillings will help provide you with the beautiful smile that you desire.

If you believe your silver fillings could be causing you adverse health problems, discuss this with the Crestview Dental Care team at your next check up or call us today! Dr. Tommy Spears and Dr. Jake Goza are both trained to safely remove your old silver (mercury) fillings and replace them with tooth colored composite resin, as a safer alternative.

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