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Have you ever wondered where all the denture adhesive goes and why there are so many commercials for denture adhesives?

The answer is simple: The majority of dentures do not fit well and create daily discomfort.

There are several reasons:

  • Many dentures did not fit well from the day they were purchased
  • Some dentures are probably worn out beyond their expectancy
  • Other dentures were not properly maintained.

Denture wearers suffer severely because even a “good quality” denture is a very poor substitute for your natural teeth.

Different Types of Dentures

You see, there are 3 basic types of dentures in today’s market:

  • Economy Dentures

    – Economy dentures are inexpensive and the cheapest choice.  They can, usually, be made “same day.” Often patients jokingly tell us that they only come in basic round sizes like small, medium and large… and you get whatever fits the closest.

  • Traditional Dentures

    – Traditional dentures are dentures that most general dentist make. These dentures are guaranteed to fit and look better than economy dentures.  The drawbacks to the traditional denture are where you have worn dentures for years and there isn’t much left of the jawbone.

  • Custom Dentures

    – Custom Dentures are the most customized denture available. These are the types of dentures that our office makes. They are the most expensive type of denture, however, you will get the best comfort, fit, function, and esthetics. This is the only type of dentures that Crestview Dental Care offers for their patients.

Custom Dentures:

The basis of a custom denture in achieving and maintaining proper function and muscle relaxation. This is extremely important in dentures because it directly relates to the appearance and fit of dentures. In terms of the fit; the dentures rest partially on muscles, if you can achieve stable and relaxed muscles, you automatically get a better fit. 
Additionally, you want to build the bite at the position where the muscles will best function. This coincides with the same position that provides the greatest facial support. In other words, the dentures that function best also look best. 
You have all seen a person’s face “sink in” when they remove their dentures. A little amount of this “sunken in” look exists in dentures if they are not made to optimum neuromuscular dimensions. If time is taken to properly determine and capture all of these considerations in the new dentures, the patient will look better and feel better also. 
We have made dentures for patients who looked 20 years younger when we were finished, and they could eat normally again! This process does take an average of four visits and is much more expensive than the economy version, but consider that the patient can function so much better and looks so much better/younger.

For dentistry in general, the making of dentures is greatly becoming a lost art. In fact, most dentists do not like to make dentures because the results are so unpredictable. To make a quality fitting denture takes much time and more expense than the economy denture made by the economy denture specialists. Many patients choose to experiment with these economy techniques because the cost savings are tempting, but they end up with a drawer full of ill-fitting mistakes and a bathroom drawer full of denture adhesives.

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