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Do you know what the most common chronic  disease in America is? You might be surprised to learn that the answer is tooth decay or as we know them as dental cavities. Tooth decay or dental cavities are an epidemic affecting half of all first graders in America and a whopping 80% of the population by the time they’ve turned 10 years old. According to the National Institute of Dental & Craniofacial Research, children miss an estimated 52 million hours of school each year because of oral health problems. That translates to 12.5 million days of restricted activity on an annual basis due to dental pain.

How to Prevent Tooth Decay (dental cavities)

The best way to combat tooth decay is to make oral health a priority for children at an early age, we suggest introducing cleaning the gums at infancy.  Parents ultimately are responsible for making sure their children practice good dental hygiene which is brushing 3 times per day, flossing, good nutrition, limit sugar intake and routine visits to the dentist for prevention and care. At Crestview Dental Care, we are here to help you and your entire family to begin their oral healthcare journey.

At Crestview Dental Care, our pediatric dentistry services address all oral health issues. Our services for kids prevention and care include:

  • Early intervention with orthodontic appliances
  • Airway screenings for your children
  • Oral facial disorders (myofunctional therapy)
  • Tongue and lip tie therapy
  • Tooth-colored dental filling
  • Tooth colored dental crowns
  • Dental sealants.
  • Complete orthodontic treatment for teens
  • Sports Guards
  • Preventive cleanings with Fluoride treatment

An Optimal Oral Health Routine for Children Includes the Following:

  • For infants, thoroughly cleaning the gums after each feeding with a water-soaked infant cloth
  • For babies, gently brushing erupted teeth with a small, soft-bristled brush and a pea-sized quantity of fluoridated toothpaste. (No bottles in the bed)
  • For children age 2-3, teaching proper brushing techniques and begin flossing
  • For children age 7-8, teaching gentle flossing techniques and begin cavity fighting, alcohol-free mouth rinse.
  • 2-3 dental visits to check  per year for cavities in primary teeth, routine dental cleanings, fluoride, sealants to seal out cavities, oral hygiene education as well as prevention of possible developmental problems
  • Encouraging children to discuss any fears they may have about dental visits, but without mentioning words such as “pain” or “hurt,” as that may only create more anxiety

If you’d like to put your child on the road to good oral health, contact Crestview Dental Care today at (865) 982-1700. We are a family dental practice that is kid friendly and we welcome patients of Knoxville and Maryville, Tennessee.