Interceptive Orthodontics

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interceptiveorthodonticsIn past years, individuals who needed braces were told by the orthodontist to wait until the permanent teeth were in before starting orthodontic treatment. However today, dentists know much differently and that the earlier your intervene the quicker you stop future problems with the jawbone, mouth, and bite. The early intervention is called interceptive orthodontics, a treatment technique that is performed by a family dentist who has taken education to treat early intervention or a progressive orthodontist with airway training.

Objectives of Interceptive Orthodontics

Functional orthodontics aims at “intercepting” or preventing of facial and jaw development “bite” problems. Many teenagers and adults require braces because of crowding problems; the permanent teeth emerge crooked or are too crowded, which makes it difficult to brush, floss and other care issues. Bite misalignment, obtruding front teeth, and other problems related to the positioning, bite or alignment of teeth and jaw may call for preventative orthodontics which allow plenty of room for the teeth to erupt and the tongue to sit at the roof of the mouth.

At Crestview Dental Care located in Maryville we use this technique of early intervention to prevent such issues by treating the mouth, jaw and palate while your child is developing. Often times intervention will save parents costly spending down the road as well as create the opened airway, jaw space and facial balance that we want our children to have. . At Crestview Dental Care, our techniques have proven to be “life changing” to many parents as it saves them time and money in the future by intercepting problems before they became costly problems.

Why do Children Need Preventive Orthodontics Appliances?

Dentists recommend interceptive orthodontic appliances for various reasons.

The most common reason is to correct problems brought by habits that started early in life such as:

  • Thumb or digit sucking
  • Pacifiers
  • Extended bottle use
  • Mouth breathing caused by enlarged tonsils/adenoids or environmental issues
  • Lip bitting or sucking
  • Low tongue posture (tongue not resting at the roof of mouth)
  • Tongue or lip tie

These habits or conditions continued through early childhood will restructure the jawbone (which restructures the face) create poor oxygen flow through the nose, crowding of teeth, poor oral hygiene issues, sinus issues as well as a plethora of other health issues for your children. Along with the health consequences a child often times develop social issues related to feeling embarrassed about his or her facial appearance. Bite and tongue problems can also decrease a child’s  I.Q due to lack of oxygen which the brain desperately needs. Why wouldn’t you want to prevent a lifetime of issues or even prolonged issues that could have easily been intervened with functional orthodontic appliances. Take the time to investigate consult with your dentist about airway driven solutions that can complement facial appearance, and  can also help to diminish a multitude of medical predicaments.

Preventative Orthodontic Treatment

There is a lot of debate among orthodontic experts on early orthodontic treatment ages 3 to 4 and conventional orthodontic intervention 11 years old and beyond. The American Association of Gnathologic Orthopedics approves that all kids should be reviewed by a dentist or orthodontist as early as age 4 for early intervention.

The early stage (Phase 1) of preventative orthodontics starts as early as age 4. This is the period where spacing really needs to be done and problems need to be intervened. This removes the future possibility of removing permanent teeth. Additionally, if there is a jaw-growth issue or bite problem such as underbite or overbite will be redirected during this phase. Waiting for your kids to grow in order to seek treatment options will cause on going health consequences, costly in terms of ongoing treatment necessary throughout life, create an very imbalanced face (long faces, narrow noses, flaccid lips, short lower face, big ears, big eyes, flat cheeks, protruding chins,) and create the social imperfections that come with being self conscious about appearances.

Adjusting to Treatment

Kids at these early ages adjust amazingly well. They are young and will not remember this small period of treatment as they age. Treatment with interceptive appliances can be treated in 6-12 weeks if intervened soon enough. Home care compliance with appliances and parent corporation will be the largest component in the therapy process.

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