Inlay and Onlays

Maryville and Knoxville TN

Sometimes, the damage to a tooth is too far gone to receive a tooth-colored composite filling, but not significant enough to require replacing the entire exterior of the tooth with one of our metal-free dental crowns. In these cases, your Knoxville dentists at Crestview Dental Care can repair the damage with a restoration known as an inlay/onlay.

What is an inlay/onlay?

An inlay or onlay procedure uses either a composite material or porcelain to repair a tooth. An inlay involves repairing only the chewing surface of a tooth. An onlay is more extensive, repairing any area that involves multiple cusps (the small bumps on top) of a tooth or even replacing the entire chewing surface of a tooth. One of our Knoxville dentists also can install an inlay or onlay to replace older dental work—such as an amalgam filling. Learn more about the risks involved with these older dental restorations.

What are the beneFits of an inlay or onlay?

Our inlays and onlays are a non-invasive, metal-free option to repair a tooth.

The advantages of receiving one of these restorations include:

  • Helps to maintains and restore the structural integrity of a tooth
  • Prevents more costly treatments down the road, such as a dental crown
  • Helps to preserve more of the existing structure of your tooth, as opposed to a crown, which replaces the entire exterior
  • Fabricated to be tooth-colored, providing you with beautiful results
  • Durable and long-lasting form of a restoration
  • Strengthens existing tooth structure

Here’s what you can expect from an inlay/onlay procedure

Our porcelain inlays and onlays are made using the same high-quality material that is used to fabricate other restorations, such as our dental crowns and certain varieties of our dental bridges. This porcelain can be color-matched to your other natural healthy teeth. Porcelain is also durable, resistant to stains from food and drinks, and has a similar translucency to natural tooth enamel.

Our composite inlays and onlays are made of the same type of resin used in our tooth-colored filling procedures. These composite restorations are even more durable than their porcelain counterparts, making them ideal for teeth that undergo higher amounts of chewing force.

During the procedure, one of our cosmetic dentists in Maryville will remove any unhealthy portions of your tooth. For a porcelain inlay/onlay, digital impressions are taken that will be sent to our dental lab. The lab will make the porcelain inlay or onlay to fit your tooth specifically. While your inlay or onlay is being fabricated, you will wear a temporary one that we make right in our office. You will return for a second visit in which your permanent restoration will be bonded to your tooth, ensuring a smooth and even bite.

A composite inlay/onlay is even more convenient. Typically, the installation of an inlay/onlay of this type can be completed during a single appointment.

After the procedure

Once the procedure for your inlay or onlay is complete, caring for your teeth is easy. Continue practicing healthy oral hygiene habits of brushing and flossing daily. Plus, keep visiting your dentist every six months as recommended for your check-ups and cleanings. During these visits, your inlay or onlay will be inspected to ensure it is properly intact and functioning as it should.

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