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If you have not been to your dentist recently, your oral health could be at risk—and you’re not alone. The American Dental Association estimates that one out of every three people in the United States doesn’t go to the dentist even once per year, much less every six months as recommended by the American Dental Association. Millions of Americans may go as long as five to 10 years without seeing a dentist. Maybe you are one of these people, or perhaps you have moved and still are searching for a top rated dentist in the Maryville area. Crestview Dental Care is here to offer some advice on what you should consider when looking for a new dentist in the Knoxville area.

Is sedation dentistry offered?

Many of the individuals who neglect to see their dentist for multiple years do so out of strong feelings of fear regarding seeing the dentist or undergoing dental care. If anxiety has kept you away from the dentist for several years, you may be in dire need of professional oral care. Sedation dentistry is the solution you have been seeking. Using medications that have been proven safe and effective, sedation calms your nerves and diminishes your awareness of your surroundings while keeping you totally awake. At Crestview Dental Care, we offer sedation via nitrous oxide in Maryville. Click here to learn more about what makes someone a good candidate for sedation dentistry.

Does the dentist offer cosmetic dentistry?

A specialization of dental science dedicated to improving the appearance of teeth, cosmetic dentistry often results in teeth that not only look great but also function at a higher level. Cosmetic dentists also pursue additional training and education in their field after dental school, and often are up to speed on the latest procedures and technological advances in dental science—while also offering their patients the boost to self-confidence that comes from having a beautiful-looking smile! 

At Crestview Dental Care, our range of services include cosmetic dentistry in Maryville offering procedures such as tooth-colored fillings, teeth whitening, dental bonding, veneers, custom dentures, and dental implants. For patients who need multiple different cosmetic procedures to reach their aesthetic goals, Crestview Dental Care can perform a smile makeover tailored to the specific needs, desires, schedule, and finances of each patient.

Does the dentist have training in neuromuscular dentistry?

Temporomandibular joint disorder (also referred to as TMJ disorder or TMD) is one of the most challenging ailments to diagnose. The symptoms can vary widely from person to person, and TMJ disorder often manifests painful headaches that occur regularly and may be misidentified as migraines. The best-qualified medical professional to diagnose a case of TMJ disorder is a neuromuscular dentist. These dentists complete rigorous post-graduate education and training after completing standard dental school, and their studies focus on the alignment of the bite and jaw. At Crestview Dental Care, our staff includes Dr. Jake Goza, who has studied neuromuscular dentistry at the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies, the most renowned institution for post-graduate dental study in the nation.

Does the dentist have experience performing dental implant procedures?

A dental implant represents the most complete and realistic tooth replacement option available in all of dental science. Implants have been in use for decades, but receiving one is more comfortable and less costly than ever thanks to advances in dental technology. An implant is the only tooth replacement that is virtually permanent while also replacing the root of the lost tooth.

Is Fountain of Youth Dentures available?

Forget what you think you know about dentures: unnatural-looking replacement teeth that slip and constantly shift in the mouth, compromising your ability to eat and speak. Dentists operating at the forefront of the field offer the revolutionary Fountain of Youth Dentures, which are hand-crafted from neuromuscular dimensions of the mouth to prevent the sunken-in facial expression that is common among denture wearers. FOY Dentures also allow patients to eat, talk, and smile with more comfort and confidence. Dr. Goza is the only dentist in the greater Knoxville area who is trained and certified to offer FOY Dentures in the Maryville area.

Does your dentist offer newer orthodontic treatments such as clear aligners?

Orthodontics is becoming increasingly popular among adults; data shows that more than 20 percent of all patients who are seeking orthodontic treatment are at least 18 years old. For individuals who are self-conscious about getting braces or just want maximum comfort and convenience while straightening their teeth, Crestview Dental Care offers ClearCorrect, which uses a series of clear plastic aligners to guide teeth into their preferred alignment through the application of consistent gentle pressure. The process of straightening teeth with ClearCorrect is similar to that of traditional braces, minus the noticeable brackets and wires. We also offer interceptive orthodontic treatment, intended to correct potential development issues with the facial structure and jaws among young children.

Comprehensive, state-of-the-art oral health care in Maryville

If you are looking for a dentist who can perform procedures in any of the above areas of the field, your search will end at Crestview Dental Care. Dr. Tommy Spears, Dr. Nia Zacharia, and Dr. Jake Goza put their combined experience to work for you. To learn more about any of the specific treatments offered at Crestview Dental Care, schedule a new patient consultation or to schedule a tour of our facility in Maryville, please call (865) 982-1700.

Crestview Dental Care is proud to serve patients in the areas of Knoxville and Maryville in Tennessee.