How to get Facelift Results without Surgery

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You don’t have to be considered vain to want to look nice and take pride in your appearance. This can be more difficult to do as you age, and even more so, as you lose teeth. Significant tooth loss can make you look older than you are by causing premature wrinkles in the face and along the lips. Even with a set of nice dentures, you still may be left feeling self-conscious about your looks. Why is this the case with dentures? While dentures are known to be an affordable option to replace all of your missing teeth, they aren’t so good at making you look younger.

Dr. Jake Goza, a certified Fountain of Youth Dentures® dentist in Maryville, wants you to know that you can look and feel younger with dentures and get facelift results without surgery. Crestview Dental Care is excited to offer this cutting-edge treatment for patients wanting an upgrade from their traditional economy dentures, or for patients looking to get dentures soon.

What are Fountain of Youth Dentures®?

These dentures may look like your old dentures, but rest assured they are quite superior in quality, comfort, and looks. Here is what sets these specially designed dentures apart from the rest.

Dr. Goza uses a unique approach to ensure your dentures are crafted in such a way as to account for your facial size and dimensions. Nearly 100 measurements of your jaw, jaw joints, and face are taken to ensure the final results are completely natural and will create an aesthetically pleasing look to your face, which is one of the most significant differences between FOY® Dentures and economy dentures. When getting a set of economy dentures made, the dentist takes impressions of the inside of your mouth, but the height of your dentures is more or less guesswork. Patients often end up with dentures that are too high, or too low, which may result in sore jaws, temporomandibular joint disorder, and wrinkles in the face and around the mouth.

Patients who receive FOY® Dentures appreciate the many benefits from a comfort fit, natural look, and a more youthful appearance, thanks to the precise measurements taken of their jaw alignment that is use to craft their new replacement teeth. While you might not think that you can tell much difference between a set of FOY® Dentures and an economy set, think about how your car drives. Would you notice if the wheels on your car were slightly out of alignment? Maybe, or maybe not, but eventually the misaligned wheels would start to cause unusual wear on your tires, and eventually could lead to more mechanical problems just from a seemingly small issue. The same can be said for your mouth. While a set of economy dentures may seem ok, they actually could be causing your jaw pain, headaches, neck pain, facial wrinkles, and more. Trade those old dentures in for a new set of FOY® Dentures in Knoxville and experience the difference it can make!

We are excited to be the only dental practice in the area to offer FOY® Dentures. If you are ready to live your best life and look years younger thanks to specially designed FOY® Dentures, contact Crestview Dental Care today by calling (865) 982-1700 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Goza.

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