Reasons to Replace your Missing Tooth

reasons to replace a missing tooth

reasons to replace a missing toothMaryville and Knoxville, TN

When you lose a tooth it can be tempting to ignore it, especially if it is not visible to others. That big gap may feel strange for a little while, but eventually, you will get used to it not being there. However, the missing tooth can have serious physical and mental consequences if it is not replaced. Although the replacement process is not as difficult as you may think, it will pay off in the end with less future damage to your oral health. Here are reasons why cosmetic dentists in Knoxville at Crestview Dental Care recommend replacing your missing teeth.

Physical Consequences

There are multiple physical consequences both inside and out when it comes to a missing tooth. When you have a missing tooth, there is a gap between your teeth. Over time, the teeth on either side of the space will begin to shift toward one another, attempting to fill the gap.

When teeth are not aligned properly, it leads to a condition called malocclusion. Malocclusion can cause bigger problems like difficulty chewing, an overbite, or a crossbite that can cause jaw strain. Misaligned teeth are difficult to clean, which can increase the risk of tooth decay. Correcting a misaligned bite means you would be looking at orthodontic care or extensive cosmetic dentistry, which adds to your dental health costs. Preventing tooth loss, in the beginning, could save you from these expenses.

Missing teeth can make it difficult to chew your food. Unfortunately, when you do not fully chew your food, it can cause additional problems such as acid reflux and malnutrition due to the lack of absorption of critical nutrients from the food you consume. Even if the missing tooth is a molar in the back of your mouth, that tooth plays a critical role in chewing your food.

Also, when you are missing teeth, it can cause bone loss along the jawline resulting in an appearance of sagging around the mouth. When there is no longer a tooth in place, the bone tissue loses its support from the tooth and begins to diminish over time. Those who wear dentures are subject to the effects of bone tissue loss and suffer from a sunken-in face as a result.

Mental Consequences

Other than the physical consequences of a missing tooth, there are also mental consequences. Unfortunately, today’s society looks at someone with a missing tooth in a negative light. Even on television, characters that have missing teeth are generally looked down upon. Having a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth can cause undue hardship and low self-esteem with low self-confidence. For some people, it may mean avoiding social gatherings entirely.

Restoring Your Smile

Dental implants are on the rise as one of the premier methods for replacing your teeth and repairing your smile. An implant is a titanium post that is surgically placed into your jawbone for stability and covered with a denture or crown. The implant process takes approximately six months, including healing time. Once the implant process is complete, you will have a natural-looking tooth that will look, feel, and act just like your natural tooth once did.

Implant Dentist in Knoxville

After losing a tooth, it can be unclear about what procedure needs to happen to repair it. That is why it is important to schedule an appointment with Crestview Dental Care when you have a missing tooth. During your appointment, we will assess the damage and see what path of restoration would be suitable for your situation. Call Crestview Dental Care today at (865) 982-1700 to schedule your appointment. We welcome patients of Knoxville and Maryville.