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dental bridgesDental Bridges

Maryville and Knoxville, TN

Living with lost teeth is more than an inconvenience. It affects your confidence because you are self-conscious about the gap in your smile. Your food choice is limited because of your reduced chewing ability. Consider replacing your lost teeth with a dental bridge, provided by your Maryville dentists at Crestview Dental Care.

What is a dental bridge?

Dental bridges can be made of various materials and come in many different sizes. The most common bridge these days is made out of porcelain and spans three teeth.

The bridge is tooth-colored, matching the shade of the other healthy teeth in your mouth, and is designed to replace three or more missing teeth on the same dental arch.

Another example of a dental bridge involves replacing all six anterior (front) teeth. Here, the teeth may be made as one solid piece or may be made as two separate bridges, spanning a total of six teeth.

Finally, there are bridges that can span a total dental arch. In these cases, the bridge is sometimes made of zirconium and is designed to be stronger than a normal porcelain bridge. This is an example of a fourteen-unit upper porcelain dental bridge. The bridge would be permanent, so this makes a great alternative to regular dentures.

With these stronger materials, we can make a single bridge to cover an entire arch. While this type of reconstruction is not that common, it is possible. In our office, we have made many full-arch bridges.

Other types of dental bridges include:

  • Full gold bridges – While these are not that common anymore, it is possible to cast and cement solid gold bridges.
  • Posterior porcelain fused-to-gold bridges – These are more common and have the added advantage of having a metal substructure for rigidity and marginal fit.
  • Removable bridges – These are quite uncommon but can be made when the fixed bridge is not recommended.
  • Maryland bridges – This type of bridge is a special method of restoration where the teeth on either side of the missing one are not prepared.

The advantages of a dental bridge:

  • A bridge is fixed in the mouth, and won’t slip or shift like traditional dentures, or be removed like a partial denture.
  • Caring for your dental bridge is simple; just brush and floss it like you would natural teeth.
  • A dental bridge is less expensive than other tooth replacement options, such as a dental implant.
  • It’s an affordable tooth replacement option.

Am I a candidate for dental bridges?

A dental bridge is a great, economical way to replace missing teeth, but it is not for everyone. Bridgework is not recommended for children, and if you have gum disease, then the infection in your gums will need to be treated first before a bridge can be installed. The best way to determine if a dental bridge is right for you is to schedule a consultation at Crestview Dental Care. One of our restorative dentists will meet with you to discuss tooth replacement options, evaluate your dental health, and review your medical history. Schedule your consultation today by calling (865) 982-1700. Crestview Dental Care serves patients in the communities of Maryville and Knoxville in Tennessee.