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Cosmetic dentistry is an umbrella term for a number of procedures designed to improve a person’s smile (may or may not improve function). If you visit a dentist and tell him that you want to treat a discolored, misshapen, chipped or missing tooth/teeth, he will most likely recommend a cosmetic dentistry procedure. He can realign your teeth, close spaces between teeth, restore worn-out teeth and even alter existing teeth to improve their look. The common procedures in cosmetic dentistry are bleaching, bonding, reshaping, applying veneers and contouring. Some of these treatments can also correct oral problems.

Issues that can be solved with cosmetic dentistry

Crestview Dental Care Smile Gallery 3Cosmetic dentistry can correct a number of oral issues like discoloration, closing of gaps, restoration of the normal shape or appearance of teeth, reshaping of chipped, crooked or irregular teeth and gum work.

Bleaching is a well-known cosmetic dental treatment in which a chemical is used to make teeth appear white. Some people get their teeth bleached to remove stains while others just want whiter teeth.

In bonding, a hard material with a tooth-like consistency is used to fill gaps and change teeth color. Bonding can also fix slightly decayed or chipped teeth.

When the tooth cannot be fixed by conventional methods, caps or crowns are applied on the tooth to restore their normal appearance and shape. On the other hand, if you want to change the color or shape of your teeth and bleaching has been ruled out, the dentist may apply a thin piece of porcelain or plastic called a veneer on the tooth. Irregularly shaped, chipped, crooked and overlapping teeth can be fixed by tooth contouring or reshaping. It can be used to correct bites too.

Who is eligible for cosmetic dentistry?

The best person to answer questions on the cosmetic dentistry procedure suited for you is your dentist. He will take a look at your teeth and tell you which procedure will give you the best results. The treatment for you will also depend on the condition of your teeth and gums. He may even present you with options, spelling out the pros and cons of every treatment.

Before you decide which cosmetic dental treatment you should go for, here are some questions to ask your dentist:

  • How will your teeth look like after you undergo the treatment?
  • What can you expect when the treatment is underway?
  • What will you have to do to maintain the teeth after the treatment is complete?

One way to decide is to ask the dentist for before and after photos. A word of advice though; before you decide to go for any cosmetic dental treatment, you should know what benefits you might gain or what risks you will be taking by opting for the treatment. Be sure about the costs before you commit to any cosmetic dental treatment.

Of course, dentistry offers solutions for almost all dental issues. However, most of the dental problems can be avoided by following good dental habits and keeping your teeth protected. However, certain dental problems like misaligned teeth, receding gums and so on are beyond your control, for which you can turn to Crestview Dental Care. Call us to learn about the various cosmetic dentistry options that can help you brighten your smile!

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