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foy dentures4 Reasons to Choose a FOY® Dentist in Knoxville

Maryville and Knoxville, TN

If you need dentures, you probably would search around for the best dentist that you can find in the Knoxville area. However, Fountain of Youth Dentures® is revolutionizing how people think and feel about wearing dentures. Only a certified FOY® Denture dentist can offer this cutting-edge denture system, and Dr. Jake Goza at Crestview Dental Care is the only dentist in Knoxville that has this certification.

We’ve got four reasons why you should choose a certified FOY® dentist to craft your replacement teeth. 

Most Elite Dentists in the Area

No other dentist in the Maryville and Knoxville area has participated in the elite dental course, FOY® Dentures training program. More than likely, a dentist who has completed the rigorous FOY® Dentures course has also completed other extensive training to provide elite dental care to their patients. This can certainly be said for Dr. Jake Goza certified FOY® dentist at Crestview Dental Care.

Focused Training in Making Dentures

During dental school, all dentists get some training regarding how to make economy dentures, although these techniques are quite outdated compared to what we have available in the field of dentistry today. Those economy style dentures do not take into account the neuromuscular dimensions and measurements of the mouth, bite, jaw, jaw joints, and face, which is one of the key differences for the FOY® Dentures. Therefore, a certified dentist who can provide you with FOY® Dentures has extensive knowledge in providing the most comfortable, and aesthetic denture system possible.

Care About Their Patients

Denture wearers are often seen as low revenue patients, and as an afterthought to many dental practices. That line of thought is far from how we treat our denture wearing patients at Crestview Dental Care. We understand that denture wearers have aesthetic goals, and oral hygiene needs too, just like all of our other patients who have a full set of teeth. We also believe that even though you are missing a significant amount of teeth, you deserve a confident smile, one that allows you to eat anything that you want, and not be limited on your choices for food. Furthermore, we take the time to work with you, and make sure that we design the best possible results for your new smile.

Deliver Unparalleled Results

It goes without saying that many denture wearers hate their dentures since these cheap replacement teeth are uncomfortable, don’t look right, and are of no help when eating. For some, their dentures are difficult to keep in place, and may even pop out when they talk or smile.

But, FOY® Dentures provide the opposite results – they are dentures that you will love to wear. Not only do they look amazing and natural, but the chewing ability is like having your natural teeth back, and they are the most comfortable type of dentures to wear!

FOY® Dentures in Maryville

You don’t have to settle for subpar results with economy dentures. Come visit us at Crestview Dental Care to learn how Fountain of Youth Dentures® can transform your smile and your way of life! To get started, please call (865) 982-1700 and schedule a consultation.

We welcome patients of Maryville and Knoxville, as well as the surrounding communities.