Digital Impressions using 3M True-Definition Scanner

Knoxville and Maryville TN

Gone are the days of messy, and time-consuming dental impressions. The new 3M true definition digital scanner introduced in our office guarantees increased patient comfort, better care and streamlined workflow making the whole dental procedure faster than before.

3M True Definition ScannerThe new scanner is;

Safe:  The dentist will not ask you to bite on a model in order to obtain your dental impression thus it will minimize further damage and discomfort to your teeth.

Accurate: The 3M true definition digital scanner is a sophisticated optical wand that contains tiny camera lenses. The lenses display magnified images, guaranteeing you incredibly sharp impressions. The dentist gets the necessary imprint information they need helping you, obtain the best possible result that is a beautiful smile.

Fast: In just a few minutes, your dentist can perform a full scan and obtain a detailed impression of your teeth enabling your dental visits to be quick and timely.

Comfortable: The small profile of the 3M true definition scanner and fast scan time make it comfortable for both the patient and the dentist. Being among the smallest teeth scanners it offers a non-intrusive scanning for you. For us, its small size is ergonomic allowing us to perform or work correctly without our tools getting in our way. The result will be better smiles for you.

Working with the 3M True Definition Scanner

Getting a dental impression is now a simple four-step process;

1. Preparation and dusting: your dentist prepares your teeth for the scan and applies a thin layer of a safe, tasteless powder which marks teeth for better scanning.

2. Scanning: A small hand-held wand is used to examine your teeth and mouth. As the wand glides along oral structures, it captures highly detailed and accurate images on a 3D monitor.

3. Information sending and translation: scans then sent to the 3M TM connection center that is a secure hub that stores transmits and converts the digital impression files. High accuracy SLA working models are printed and delivered to the lab for any additional finishing work for the final restoration.

4. Final appointment: your dentist positions your teeth perfectly giving a naturally beautiful smile.

Benefits of the new scanner

Time-saving: the scanner is easy to use and fast at scanning, saving time for both you and your dentist.

Wallet-friendly: the new scanner enables us to have lower material and labor costs. The technology delivers more value for less money compared to traditional methods that directly benefits our patients with a more affordable dental procedure.

Improved confidence and satisfaction: digital technology transforms the process into an interactive, educational experience for you. Seeing images on the screen gives our patients a real understanding of their dental condition and what is needed to enhance their dental care.

Flexible: It allows your dentist to determine the level of investment & opens up a wide range of workflow possibilities giving the dentist multiple connections and patient solutions all from the scanner. Having a more informed view of your oral condition allows your dentist to give you the best possible service.

Improves dentist/lab communication: This translates to better and more direct communication between your dentist and the lab technician. Any issues with your case can be addressed right away without waiting much longer. Additionally, it is easier to re-take or go over an area previously missed.